…Is this thing on?

17 Jun

Greetings and salutations!

Hi! I am Kerry – the changing chick! This blog is going to be my new best friend. In it, I will share with you my life, dreams, ups and downs.

A little about me… I was born and raised in NJ. On 11/6/10, I married an amazing man and now have my fur baby – Maddie, a 2 year old Maltese we recently rescued.  I have an awesome family with two still happily married parents who are my best friends. Two brothers, three nephews, one niece and the in-laws every girl could dream for. I have a few best friends that I adore, a job that I love and kick ass at, a nice house, car and live near the beach.

Sure, it sounds perfect… but it isn’t. This is my quest to get it there.  I am struggling with my weight, getting healthy and being comfortable with being ME.  I thought I was, but recently I feel like a stranger to myself.  I hope to share my journey with you all and we can all get to know me at the same time.


Kerry, changing chick


One Response to “…Is this thing on?”

  1. jeninreallife June 17, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    Hi Kerry! I LOVE you already!! Welcome to your new home!! xoxo

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