It’s a new dawn…

17 Jun

It’s a new day… And I’m feeeelinnggg good!

Day one of this thing.. Not gonna lie, I was really excited to get up today to work on the blog a little bit.  Make it a little more Kerry.  Fridays are busy days around here.. I work in a chiropractic office.  High volume, mainly personal injury office.  I absolutely rock at what I do.  I love my coworkers and most of my patients.  That being said, it’s not what I want to do forever.  I still dream of being a teacher.  I recently had my transcript sent to a local college so I can start taking Spanish classes.   I really excelled at it in high school and want to become fluent in it so a- I can talk to my patients better and b – become a Spanish teacher.

Of course, I make excuses to myself all the time.  “It’s about money” – I can get financial aid.  “I don’t have time” – I do. I can make time.  I just need to do it.  I’m not afraid of change per se… But I am afraid of failure.

Last night I went out with my dear friend and running partner, Jen.  We tried a local pizza shop that boasts their gluten free menu.  Blech.  It wasn’t homemade at all!! It was a prepackaged crust with their toppings on it.  We got brownies for dessert.  Can you believe they had the gall to serve them still wrapped in the plastic?! I won’t even tell you what the bill was.  For it not to be homemade, to charge those prices, astounded me.  Guess where I will not be going back to….

Afterwards I went to a local supermarket and picked up some romaine, Lundberg rice cakes, ground turkey and some chicken breasts so I can avoid any dinners out.  I find that when I do – even though I am assured it’s gluten free by the establishment – that I get the worst stomach pains and end up in the bathroom.  I’ve only been gluten free officially one week and have had two dinners out – one the GF pizza above and one at a seafood restaurant for my father-in-law’s birthday. Both times were not pretty… So I am wondering if there is something beyond gluten that my body isn’t able to tolerate.

I know, I know… I need to get to a doctor.  I am working on it.. I swear. I promise….


Kerry, changing chick


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