Hi ho, Hi ho, to the doctor’s I go…

20 Jun

Today is not such a good day.  I feel like hell today.  Tired beyond belief and so sick to my stomach – NO I am not pregnant…  I am self diagnosed as gluten intolerant as I said in an earlier post… But it is time for answers.

I called today and made an appointment with a gastroenterologist in my area, Dr. Renny.  One of the docs I work with recommended him and I trust his opinion..  When I made my appointment I let them know that I want to be tested for celiac and they didn’t blink an eye – I took that as a good thing.  So 10am Thurs AM I will be there to see what the frig is going on with me!

Yesterday was a great day. Had a BBQ at my parents’ house for Fathers’ Day/Birthday celebrations.  June is my mom’s, dad’s, father-in-law’s and husband’s birthdays so we celebrate all at once.  Luckily, I have great in laws who are actually friends with my parents so we do all holidays together.  Mom did research and made sure every item at the party was gluten free so I didn’t feel left out of anything.  We didn’t tell everyone it was all GF until afterwords – they were shocked.  Sure, some things GF are just not the same as food with gluten, but somethings I already ate were GF!

I got my dad Yankees tickets for he and I to go to a game for bday/fday.. That is our thing. We love the Yankees and love going to games together, so we’re both pretty stoked to go!

Day 12 of GF… I wonder if all that I am feeling is normal?  Just too many questions going in my brain to not have them get answered… To the docs I go!

If anyone has any advice or questions I should be asking my doctor, please share with me!!!!!!  Thank you!


Kerry, changing chick


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