Sleep elludes me…

22 Jun

I have been having a hard time sleeping. Like right now. It’s 1:06am and I am wide awake, sitting on my couch while my husband and dog are fast asleep upstairs. The only difference from the past few nights is,  I am down here entertaining myself as opposed to laying in bed playing on my iPod. I’ve been later to work than I would like the past two days because of these awful sleeping habits my body developed without telling me.  What gives?!

Tuesdays are my short days at work. I am usually done around 2/2:30. Today I was lucky and finished up right at 1pm. I headed up to see my Grandpop. He came home from the hospital today!! It was so good to sit on his couch and talk to him instead of in ICU, a hospital room or his room at the physical therapy place with strangers all around. He was exhausted though. He had some tests done this AM before he came home that wiped him out. He ended up falling asleep while we were there, so I sat watching the Law & Order SVU marathon that was on USA. It was just like watching tv with my Dad lol. He eventually woke up and I said my goodbyes and came home.

I am going to the gastro doc on Thursday and I was told I need to have gluten in my system for the tests I am going to have done. Well, I am 2 weeks gluten free so it is out of my system by now.  So tonight husband brought home Chinese food to get it in me. And I must say – I didn’t enjoy it. I felt awful halfway through it. And I don’t care if I have it again. Weird, right? Well, for me it is. I could have eaten Chinese food every day a few weeks ago, if you had asked me. Now, I just feel lethargic and oh so bloated. Back to GF tomorrow, fo sho.

I am putting new music on my iPod too while I am down here. My computer was dead for about 2 months because I needed a new wire for it. My brother is a computer guy, but we kept forgetting to get it for me. The other day I bombarded his shop and got one. I feel so behind in my music! Any one have any suggestions for what to download? I love just about everything – except hardcore rap and headbanger crap…

I suppose I should wrap this up and try to go to sleep… Talk to y’all soon!

Kerry, changing chick


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