I think I can…I think I can…

13 Jul

Today was my half day. So I came home, had lunch and then went for a swim. It made me want summer forever. It made me wish I was still a kid, spending every waking moment outside in the pool or playing with my friends. When life was easy….

After my gluten mishap a little over a week ago, my skin is finally starting to itch less. That is, without a doubt, my #1 issue with the gluten. I itch all over. Sometimes it’s so bad I just want to crawl out if my skin. It’s so uncomfortable and miserable. I went through a tube of cortisone in about a week. Not normal. Not healthy.

I go on vacation two weeks from tomorrow. I cannot wait. I am in serious need of r&r.

I usually go see my grandpop on Tuesdays but I decided I would go Thursday this week. I called him to tell him and the phone rang and rang. Tried again an hour later. Same thing. Another hour later. Same thing. So I call my dad to have him try. Same thing. So he calls my uncle who lives across the street. Oh he’s in the hospital. Was feeling weak so they want to get fluids in him. Well, thanks for calling any of us!! They have my numbers! And dad’s too!! I just don’t get family sometimes.

Anyway… I better get some sleep. I am just so emotionally, mentally and physically tired. Sometimes this beautiful life ain’t so beautiful….



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