I would walk 500 miles…

23 Oct

Today was my walk with the HERO Campaign to create awareness and fight drunken driving tragedies – in honor of my friend Nicole who was killed by a drunk driver on 6/5/10.  I was actually the team captain and the one who got all of Nicole’s friends and family on board – with permission from her parents of course.  I found the HERO campaign and met with them and fell in love with the organization.  My team raised about $3000!!!!  We had so many more members than I anticipated.  I was shocked.  I hope I made Nicole proud.

A plane with the HERO banner over the ocean in Ocean City NJ


Joanna, Suzanne (Nicole's sister) and myself at the walk

Our incredible Team, Team Imagine!

No fun foods to talk about today.  Had a quick chicken cobb blt salad from Wendy’s after the walk.  Wendy’s is the only fast food joint that I have never had any cross contamination issues with and can have actual meals there.  For dinner – breakfast dinner! Pancakes and sausage! Used the GF bisquick – which rocks – and had Johnsonville Vermont Maple sausage – also GF.

I am so exhausted.  Getting up early on a Sunday is not my style lol.  Plus, the sun, the sand, the walk, and emotions tired me out!! I think I am gonna hit the hay early tonight!

G’nite folks!


Kerry, changing chick


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